Yes, we really do give permission for our photographs to be printed by the people in them (or owners of the property in the photograph). For photo printers looking for an additional verification, the cameras we have used in our professional photography are: a Kodak DC240 (no longer in use professionally after about 2004), two Kodak DX4900s (not frequently used), an Olympus E-10 (mostly retired now but still used for backup), a Kodak Z1275 (again mostly backup now), a Kodak C182 in a pinch, and the new precious is a Nikon D5000. If you're feeling really cautious, call us at 216-262-2802 and request the serial number for verification though depending on what is where when you call the camera in question may not be handy - we can probably verify the individual subjects though. We are parents of small children so our hands are rather full most of the time!